Cardio Kickboxing

(A Non Sparring Class – Technique Only)

This class will transform your body and get you in amazing shape!  It is open to men, women, and to families looking to have fun, lose weight, get in great shape, and push themselves to the limit.  It’s definitely one of our most popular classes.

This class is taught by Lisa Hiles. and she pushes her participants to excel and move past what they “think” are their limits. Cardio-Kickboxing with Lisa Hiles is sure to boost your endurance, burn fat, and build that toning muscle for an overall healthy body. Come check out our class at 410 Summers St. in Charleston, WV for a true whole body workout.

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Private and Small Group Lessons Also Available

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Added Weight Loss

This class consists of various circuit drills and skill work to make your boxing better then has ever been.  Because of the circuit training, this class is also great for getting in shape and losing weight.  We have had several people lose 80-100lbs, taking these classes!

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