avatarMy job led me from Tennessee to Charleston, WV. One of my first priorities was to find a quality school to resume my training. It's
tough to find the right place when you don't have any local contacts, and I was afraid I would find a school that had a lot of punks with an ego problem. To my surprise, the quality of instruction and technique of the students is terrific. Most of the senior students are either doctors, lawyers, or respected businessmen, so there has never been an issue with ego. Butch Hiles has one of the most prestigious gyms I have ever visited.

Robert Silas
Teays Valley, WV
avatarButch Hiles' excellence as a teacher lies not only in his vast knowlege of combative arts, but also in his ability to inspire a real sense of community and mutual support among his students. As a professional fighter I've had the opportunity to train at most of the renowned gyms and schools throughout the country and abroad. Returning to Butch Hiles Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA, LLC always feels like coming home.

Tim Lajcik
UFC Fighter/ Actor
Butch Hiles BJJ has outstanding coaching and curriculum. Led by Butch Hiles, who sets the tone of patience leadership with innovative martial arts techniques, the gym has an atmosphere without attitude where it is fun to work out and everybody gets along. I've been a student at Butch’s gym for about eighteen months and am pleased with my development and the camaraderie among the students

Ed Rogers
I have to get back into fighting shape and become the warrior you made me a few years ago. You are definately the best trainer I've ever had and I hope to have you push me and instruct me again someday. You can count on me to show up to train and compete beside you any time I can. I appreciate everything you've done for me in the fighting world, there's no question that your responsible for the accomplishments I've made for myself and our gym. I hope to see ya soon....

Take care bro and good luck...

Loren Bradley
We have known and trained with Butch Hiles for about 6 yrs now and have grown to be friends with many of you as well as considering ourselves teammates. If it was not for Butch we would not have accomplished what we have in Parkersburg and may not have ever had a gym. Butch's insite and guidance have been invaluable to us over the years and for that we thank him. We also have developed friendships with others in Charleston that we hold just as dear. The training you all have provided us has always been top notch and we have always enjoyed being part of the team.

I help run a school and I have a responsability to those who train with us to provide them with the best training I can. I hold Butch's evaluation of someone in the BJJ community in high regard and that is why I contacted Marcello. Butch relayed to me through his words and by joining with Marcello his actions that he felt Marcello is the best so I called him and set up a seminar.

Our doors are open to anyone who comes in to train, share and learn.

We want to thank Butch for continuing to train BJJ with us. Also thanks to all the guys that come and workout when they can.

Mike Stump
Police Officer
One of the reasons Butch has been so successful is that he has never been out for personal gain and has been a selfless rep for the Art of BJJ. One thing alot of people who train in the martial arts miss is the benefits and growth you can achieve off of the mats. Butch has inspired me to train since the time I first found his name on the web and has supported and mentored the Parkersburg crew from the beginning. He took us under his wing always answered our questions and offered advice and not once did he ask for anything in return. We didnt have alot of people or money but Butch you will always have one thing from us that we can give and that is our friendship and loyalty. Thanks again for all the help over the years and again congrats.

Mike Stump
Police Officer
Congratulations on a this high achievement! Butch has been a longtime fixture in WV BJJ and MMA and has most certainly put in the requisite time and sweat, and the product speaks for itself. Butch has served as a leader in the BJJ community for many years now, and I have no reason to believe he will not continue to be the consummate coach and instructor for years to come. WV BJJ community is a richer community for having Butch and I feel honored to call him my friend. While the black belt, or any other belt for that matter, is a nice landmark, it is in and of itself not a destination, but a landmark on the journey. May your journey continue. Congratulations, Butch, on this highest of achievements.

Ashley Lockwood
Ground Zero Huntington
Congratulation to a true pioneer of West Virgina Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on receiving his Black Belt. If it wasn't for this man BJJ would would be dead in WV, and that speaks volumes for what he has done for this sport. He doesn't do it for the money, he doesn't do it for publicity, he does it because he loves teaching and helping others. To him its not about belts, its not about rank, its about doing the right thing and helping others. He is a great person and one that should congratulated, but more importantly should be thanked for keeping his passion alive. So Butch Congratulations on your achievement its well deserved and thank you.

David Lowery
Charleston, WV
avatarI’m extremely satisfied with the instruction and curriculum; I’m very thankful for the friends I’ve made at this gym; and very grateful for the time and training provided by Butch Hiles and his staff. The students are really trying to help one another as well.

I’ve been a part of this gym since November of 2005, and I look forward to every class I can make….

Arden Casto
St Albans, WV
Let me start out by saying that i am a mother of four small children my oldest Malachi 6, Hannah 4, Nathan 3, Sadie 9 months. We haven't been a part of Butch's gym long but i can say that i know we are family! My husband and i were first introduced to the gym by his cousin Stuart Green, who also trains there. My husband, Fred Miller, decided that he was going to start going to classes. My husbands goal was not to get into competitions it was actually to get into better shape for his regular pt test. Then we learned that Butch was offering a class for children as well. At first i was a bit hesitant because i have a crazy 6 year old hes very loud and very hyper with a bad temper so i was worried that i would be embarrassed just like i had in the past when he was in other activities. I talked to Butch and let him know how Malachi behaved and he reassured me that himself and his teachers could deal with Malachi and help me help Malachi through all of this.

I have to honestly say that i have seen GREAT patience from all of Malachi's instructors to include Butch. I am very thankful to Butch because i know that i can go and take Malachi to his classes and also bring all of my family along without being made to feel as if i am an inconvenience WE ARE ALL ALWAYS WELCOME! and i am also thankful that Malachi has finally found what makes him happy a positive outlet for all of the things that other people sometimes view to be negative.

Thank you Butch, Ed, and Tim for all that youve done to make my life a little bit happier!

April Miller