"I really enjoyed working with y'all. You have some top notch guys there butch."

Jerry Deaton
"I really enjoyed working with y'all. You have some top notch guys there butch.

All the guys there was super nice. Very respectful people. That's what a gym is suppose to be like."

Jerry Deaton
"Thanks for giving all the forum to become great BJJ fighters!!!!!!! We at the WB appreciate the hard work from you and Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!"

Weirton Bando
"Thanks Butch Bjj Mma. You are doing a outstanding job by sharing you art of BJJ. This process is turning out many individuals with the tools to better equip them into becoming better citizens an also your community outreach with various events is helping to spread the love. Honored to know you."

Barry Smith
Very professional and knowledgeable staff!!

Jamie Cook
"Two years ago I walked into Butch Hiles BJJ to learn something new so i took up BJJ and after one night I wanted to quit cause i was in pain but i made myself go back cause i couldnt quit something that i've come to love i'll admit im not the best in the world at it and i get my butt kicked alot but i feel i'm pretty decent and can hold my own it's something i'll never give up and something that is a big part of my life i've met some really good guys who i can honestly say are my friends i also hope to one day teach this but right now im just enjoying learning more about it and making myself better and one day i'll be where i wanna be i just got to take it slow and work hard at it"

Michael Mobley
"Butch Hiles has inspired me not to give up n made so much better in my bjj"

Amanda Grimmett
"Had an amazing day training today with Butch Hiles Bjj Mma and all of his guys. It was great to meet a lot of new people and learn a whole lot of new things.. thanks to all of you guys and can't wait to do it again!"

Chase Vernon
Bluefield BJJ Student
"Thanks to all of you who are pushing me to work harder if it wasn't for you all at the gym I would not be where I am to day thank for the support"

Arieana Green
"I know I'm not gonna say anything u don't already know.... But ..... The kids BJJ class coaches are awesome! They have help build the confidence if our kids as well as push them to learn and advance in their skills. Thanks to u all for such a great experience. Omari and Stu ROCK!!"

Angela Hamm