Great time tonight training the mind and body Butch Hiles BJJ what a great bunch of guys to train with !!!

Tony Marsico
I wanna thank all the guys at Butch Hiles Bjj Mma you guys have helped me out alot and sat at the tournament it showed me that i train with the best guys in the state you all are the best and ive made some great friends

Michael Mobley
"Great self defense class today! I hear my boys practicing now!! Thanks Butch and Crossfit for hosting!"

Ashleigh Franklin
"Awesome self defense class today at CrossFit WV!! Our family had a blast and learned so much. Thanks Butch Hiles."

Dara Aliff
"So absolutely cool. Congrats Butch. The dedication you put in and the hours you devote to teaching others is well appreciated. Great job!"

Joey Simonton