Trevor Smith

 "Thanks to Butch Hiles for an awesome and amazing seminar. I had a fantastic time rolling and talking with everyone there. I am so absolutely proud to be part of this fantastic BJJ family. It was a very proud moment for me when Butch and Bill tied that blue belt around my waist. Can't wait to keep training and see where this takes me."

David Weiss
Bluefield BJJ Student

"Butch Hiles is a very good instructor, but not only that, he keeps you motivated."

Charles Perkins

Butch is a good instructor and is the real deal. He runs a great gym and is a super nice guy.

Doug Confere

What can i say?  Butch is the man and he runs his gym like how a gym should be

Martin Hayden
Wrestler/ College Rugby Player

Butch is a great instructor and keeps people motivated as well!

James Mon
BJJ Instructor in Madison, WV

Butch's instruction is always very clear and articulate. He's an intelligent man with awesome jiu-jitsu. When he shows and explains a technique, it makes sense, even the tricky stuff. Despite how fast his school is growing, he still seems to manage to keep track of how his students are progressing. He actually put out an email flyer for his students to fill out listing their goals. I really like the Marcello Monteiro association his school is under. Having a concrete curriculum to follow gives a sense of direction. Not a bad thing to say about the guy

Josh Hunt
BJJ Student

This man deserves to be #1 in my book. The place where I was at walking into his gym, and the place i'm at now, are night and day. I've never had a day in his gym, where I walked out unfulfilled, every class is a learning experience.

Matthew Thompson
BJJ Student

Butch is a very patient, articulate instructor. No matter what level you are, he makes sure that everyone in his class is constantly improving their skill set. Butch's fighting skills are amazing and his work ethic is insane. ANYBODY that attends his classes will come away a better fighter.

Scott Owens
Owner Heavy Leather Gear

Butch is a good instructor because he continuously pushes his students to excel. He takes pride in his gym and I always walk away feeling like I got the most out of my class.

Tim Adkins