The gym is my favorite place to be (well, other than on a beach or camping in the mountains, lol). I really appreciate all that you guys do for us!"

Andrea Bond
"I just want to say, Butch Hiles Bjj Mma is an amazing Brazilian jiu jitsu coach. Their is a reason why he wears a black belt. He has inspired me to change some things and to wear my Gi more often! I also received my 4th stripe on my blue belt today. Pretty stoked on that! Now to start working hard on my Gi game!!!! And congrats to all the guys that made purple today!!!"

Eric Jarvis
"Thank you for making our trip possible to Quantico for the Krav Maga training with Msgt Ronald Jacobs of The United States Marine Corps. You are the man Butch Hiles!"

Barry Smith
 "This weekend I got the honor to train on the Quantico Marine Base. I am happy to say that I got my yellow belt certification along side Benji from the Marines Martial Arts Center of Excellence Staff Non Commissioned Officer In Charge Ron Jacobs. I have done many things in my life that I have been happy to do, but this is one that I was more than HONORED to do. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I hope to do again soon. If it weren't for training with Butch Hiles Bjj Mma this opportunity would have never presented itself. Hopefully soon we can start sharing what we learned."

Trevor Smith
School Teacher
"Bless u ! You guys are awesome to so many people !!"

Marry Jane Hanson
"Bless u ! You guys are awesome to so many people !!"

Mary Jane Hanson
"Had a blast learning and rolling with Butch Hiles Bjj Mma and all the guys from Bluefield and Quantico. Look forward to rolling with you guys again soon. And a big thanks to Butch for the seminar!! Super awesome guys."

DK Maynard
"Awesome seminar today learned some cool stuff and rolled with alot of talented guys I also now have three stripes on my belt can't wait to keep moving forward and accomplish all my goals"

Brandon Roark
Bluefield BJJ Student
Hey, Butch. Great tournament today. I love the location...the loft-style setting, the crowd around, the good music...very real, very interactive.

Thanks for providing a great facility and great training for him and the other kids.

Tina King
"You guys have done so much for the community. Keep up the good work!"

DK Maynard