Three Different States in One Night Yet All Victorious

On December 3, 2011 Butch Hiles BJJ & MMA traveled to three different states to compete in all areas of mixed martial arts and, once again, they proved that they are tallented in all areas of the sport.

Caleb Sedlock traveled to Richmond, VA and took first in the heavy weight blue belt dvision and 2nd in the no-gi division.  He was very impressive and put on quite a show.

Terry Owens at NAGA

Avery and Joel, Butch Hiles MMA’s very tallented young boxers, traveled to Ashland, KY to compete in the Silver Gloves.  Both displayed a lot of skill and won impressively showing that they will be a force to be reconned with for years to come.

Avery and Joel

Finally, Butch Hiles MMA fighter (also coached by legendary coach, Leon Ramsey), Wes Hanson, and Dragon’s Den MMA fighter (a Butch Hiles BJJ affiliate), Zac Gobel, both scored impressive first round finishes in the NAAFS in Akron, Ohio.

Wes Hanson Butch Hiles MMA

Look for exciting things in 2012 from Butch Hiles MMA.  Their fighters will also be competing in the first MMA shows in WV.  They are very excited for the shows and to display their skills in front of their fans in WV for the first time ever.

For more information about the gym or the upcoming MMA shows, please contact:

Butch Hiles


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