Ultimate Cardio & Conditioning Class

The workouts are intense and last one hour to an hour and a half, depending on the planned intensity of that day.  You are learning real techniques, while circuit training at a high pace.  Therefore, you are getting the best of both worlds and are sure to find major benefits in your body as well as your coordination.Since we have had amazing results with our boxing class, we decided to combine the Ultimate Cardio class with our technical boxing class that meets every Monday and Wednesday at 6pm.  We have already had several people lose 80-100lbs in our boxing class (men and women).  This class is no joke and we encourage you to give it a try.

This class is designed for everyone and we have beginners working a long side seasons veterans.  You are pushed to your max, no matter what your ability is.  You are guaranteed to work hard but we hope you will have fun while doing so.
This will be a great supplement to the training you are already doing and might just get you over that cardio hump and/or add that extra bit of strength and endurance to your sparring sessions.

Will this benefit you if you don’t train or if this is the only class you are taking?

Of course, this conditioning class will benefit you.  Depending on what your goals are will depend on how much this class will benefit you, and we will address that in this class.  You are going to be around like-minded people with similar goals and interests who will motivate you to do a workout that you otherwise might not be able to or want to do.  Self motivation is very hard for many people.  The people in the class will motivate each other and have fun.  We will help each other progress and get a great workout together in a great environment.

Class meets every Monday and Wednesday at 6pm